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Chandelier at home

On this page you will find a number of chandeliers in their natural environment. This is a small selection of lamps that we installed over the past years.
In the shop it is often difficult to imagine how a chandelier will fit in your interior. These pictures can help you.
To make the right choise the following elements are very important.
The exact dimensions of the space in which the lamp will be hung (above a dining table, with nothing standing under it, in a hallway or a bedroom). 
The style of your interior, modern, classic, or a combination of both, and most important of course your personal preference. Which chandelier draws your eye upwards.
We will help you in making the right decision.

Antique French chandelier in an Amsterdam townhouse


A large antique French crystal chandelier is a glittering landmark in this historic mansion. The house still has the original decorated ceilings, rooms divided by sliding doors and solid black marble fireplaces decorated with antique mirrors. Modern accents complete this example of a successful mix of antique and present-day elements.

Dutch chandelier in a large hall


The Dutch chandelier hanging in this great halll of a stately villa goes well with the antique grandfather clock.

Empire chandelier in a mansion.


In this house with stained-glass windows and decorated ceilings is chosen for a four-armed basket chandelier. The classic shape of this lamp combines very well with the original elements of the mansion and the contemporary interior.

Silver chandeliers in a monumental city villa


In this historic town house with very high ceilings (more than 4 meters), these chandeliers hang perfectly. Because of this height the eye is automatically drawn upwards what provides an intesified experience of scale. 
The authentic carved stucco ceilings are beautifully illuminated by the many candle shaped light bulbs. By decorating this urban villa is chosen for a combination of modern and classic elements. Because of the absence of brassy colours is chosen for large silver coloured chandeliers, manufactured in the late Art Deco period. Although classical shaped they match perfectly with this modern interior.

An Art Nouveau chandelier


This elegant Art Nouveau chandelier is as for style and as for color a trouvaille in this conservatory with its high ceiling and original stained-glass windows.

The Maria Theresa chandelier.


This charming Maria Theresa chandelier decorated with arrow shaped crystal elements will fit in any interior. In this present-day baroque furnishing this type of chandelier combines the gilded mirror perfect with the austere dining-area.

An office in style


This in full splendour restored mansion, now being used as office building, the meeting-rooms are lighted by antique Spanish chandeliers. The rooms have been painted in colours of the past. Each room different from the other. The purple colour used in one of the rooms matches perfectly with the purple crystal drops in the chandelier. The large lantern lamp, hanging in the entrance, with its cut glass panels and its curved top harmonizes very well with the beautiful stained-glass window and the ironwork of the front door.

Empire chandelier in a stairwell


The elongated shape of a basket (empire) chandelier makes it an ideal lamp for high ceilings. A basket chandelier fits perfectly in a traditional stair well, here you can see it from all directions. This example with its rim of icicles hangs in a large mansion.  
The rosette on the ceiling completes this picture.

Chandeliers in a large villa


This 11-light Maria Theresia chandelier which illuminates the conservatory  is at one with the high ceiling and sophistticated elegance of the room. 
In the two rooms adjacent to one other, two romantic antique French crystal chandeliers are hanging in the centre. 
The cut crystal drops reveal the glittering éclat of this majestic Spanish ceiling light and add extra sparkle on the walls and the ceiling of this hall. What a festive entry! 
The high ceilings are lovely decorated with classical moldings and rosettes and provide a perfect setting for these elegant chandeliers.

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